Screen calls on your iPhone

I found this little file on the web and thought some of you may find it useful as well.

As you know the iPhone has no way of blocking calls on an un-hacked iPhone.  If you want the next best thing to blocking calls download this file.

What you will get is a m4r file that you can use as a silent ring tone.

Here is how I used it:

  • I added the silent ring tone file to iTunes and did a sync.
  • I created a contact called “Blocked”
  • I added any phone numbers that I did not want disturbing me to this “blocked” contact.
  • I assigned the silent ring tone, as the ring tone for the “Blocked” contact.
  • I can easily add other numbers to the ring tone by clicking the “Add to existing contact” option on the iPhone.

Now when a number calls that I don’t want to deal with the iPhone will only notify me via badge that I missed a call.  While not a perfect solution it has worked well for me to get rid of any telemarketers that have my number.

I hope you find this useful too.

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