Secure your web site

If you have a business on the web it is very important that your customers feel safle to purchase items or provide information to you.  Users hear daily of compromised internet passwords and stolen identities.  It is very important that your site has a Trust Seal that shows your web site to be safe.

Having such a seal can increase your conversion rates and make your web site look more professional.  Users are more likely to do business with a web site they can trust.

A number of far-too-common security failures on Web sites and Web servers are addressed here. Because of the frequency of these poor security practices, it strikes me as important to gather good practices that address these problems in one place and to make them publicly available to Web server administrators, Web developers, and Webmasters. For those of you who haven’t considered all these factors in managing your Web resources, I recommend dealing with what you have left unconsidered as quickly as possible.

So make sure you secure your website by placing a secure seal that shows users it is safe.  Internet Security Services is something that should be taken seriously by any web owner who hopes to make their living off of the web.

Anytime you view a web site information is sent from your computer to the web server and from the web server to your computer.  The transmission of this information is normally sent in “plain text”, meaning anyone would be able to read it should they see it.  Now consider this.  Each piece of information transmitted traverses many computers (servers) to reach its destination.  Make sure your sites are secure and your readers know it it is secure.

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