Sensible Sudoku: The most enjoyable Sudoku for iOS

Sensible Sudoku: Now available for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Lisbon, Portugal – Ludimate has launched Sensible Sudoku, a carefully designed game with a polished interface that aims at providing a highly satisfying playing experience.

Now available as a universal application for iPhone, iPod and iPad, the game was previously only available for the Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms where it was popular as one of the most polished sudokus.

Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly enjoyable experience: pencil marks, hints, undo and auto-save. Includes millions of puzzles that can be played in multiple difficulty levels, with a pleasant interface and elegant audio.

Sensible Sudoku features:

• Millions of sudokus with unique solutions: all you need is logic, no guessing required.
• Several difficulty levels to match your skills, from Very Easy to Extreme level.
• Includes many Sudoku board skins with a range of visual styles from formal to exuberant.
• Includes pencil marks to allow annotations.
• Comprehensive Sudoku statistics.
• Includes options to check for and undo wrong numbers.
• Includes simple and full hints as well as a pencil-all option.

“We’re very pleased with Sensible Sudoku for iPhone, iPod and iPad – and feel it to be a good match for such sophisticated and pleasant-to-use devices.” – said Jorge Diogo, Ludimate’s Director.


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More information about Sensible Sudoku can be found on its product page:

About Ludimate

Ludimate is a division of FaronStudio, a software company specializing in innovative 3D, graphics and video tools. Composed of software engineers with significant experience in multimedia software design and development, Ludimate – FaronStudio is looking forward to surprise you. We’re based in Lisbon, Portugal.


Jorge Diogo

Sensible Sudoku - Ludimate

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