Share A Lot Lite: Free App to keep track of borrowed items

If you are a generous soul you may need an app to help you remember who borrowed what.  This app will help you keep track as long as you don’t let your friend borrow your iPhone.
Keep track of the awesome things you let your friends borrow. Stop writing down on little notes or mental notes who’s got what of your stuff. Share A Lot Lite makes it easy to manage all the different types of things you so generously lend to your friends.
Share A Lot Lite Allows you to track and manage up to 7 items at any one time that you share with your friends.
  • Quickly and easily add a new item to the list of things you’ve borrowed out or review what you’ve previously borrowed out.
  • Set in app reminders by either specific date of by time interval.
  • Log when your item was borrowed
  • Add pictures for all of your shared items from your camera roll or photo library or by taking an picture if you’re using an iPhone.
  • Configure a list of people you share frequently with by importing names from your contacts or by manually adding new names.
  • Choose from a preconfigured list of the types of things you share (books, video games, tools. etc.)
  • Sort your list of borrowed things to easily locate items that need to be returned.
  • For a bit of a personal touch choose from one of our 6 App themes.
  • We’ve also added new ‘Premium Themes’ with background images
While Share A Lot Lite is fully functional, the advantages of having the full version, Share A Lot, are:
  • more preconfigured  color themes (14 instead of 6)
  • ability to create a custom theme, (<- this alone is worth the upgrade!!)
  • greater functionality around sorting your list of managed objects
  • no limit to the number of objects you can share
  • the ability to add, edit and delete the Types of things you share
  • NO ADS!!

Share A Lot Lite home page with default banner add before iAd loads

Share A Lot Lite item screen with fire theme enabled

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