Shop Til You Drop: Amazon App for iPhone

Amazon has announced Amazon app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which was released this week and it is free (iTunes link). The app allows iPhone users to shop for merchandise on Amazon’s popular website. Users can access wish lists, shopping carts, one-click shopping, plus all the customer reviews and ratings that might help buyers make decisions on what to buy, etc.

It also introduces a very nice new feature called “Amazon Remembers” which according to their press release:

“Amazon Remembers helps customers keep track of items they see in their daily lives and even tries to match photos of products to the same or similar products available on Customers simply snap photos with their iPhone, the photos are automatically uploaded to, which then tries to find products similar to the ones in the photos. As soon as the customer receives the results, they can then purchase the item immediately or “remember it” for later in their Amazon account. lets you save snapshots as visual post-its if you see something you want to buy later. The app saves the photo and searches for similar items, too.”

So far the app is being well received according to iTunes App Store reviews, but we found that you cannot use the app to buy music from Amazon. You can add music to your wishlist and buy it later on your computer according to some of our readers.

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