Shop View – Window Shop From Your Sofa

‘Shop View is a cool app that lets you window shop from your sofa!’

Unlike shopping online where most people flock to the stores they are familiar with, Shop View allows users that authentic shopping experience where it’s satisfactory to accidentally discover a new store and find that item you love but wouldn’t have found otherwise.

‘Shop View has gone where Google can’t, Oxford Street!’ (Oxford Street is currently not indexed on Street View.)

Shop View is still in its youth but you can experience it on the app store now! The first street with Shop View is Europe’s biggest shopping street, Oxford Street London. With over 250 stores already catalogued you can shop day or night at Europe’s most famous shopping location.

‘Get the latest offers and discounts from Twitter.’

Shop View aggregates shops twitter accounts so you can follow your favourite shops, and benefit from discounts, sale reminders and other offers they may publish!
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