ShopHealthy! A iPhone Nutritional Guide for Grocery Shopping announced the launch of Shop Healthy!, an application for the iPhone that helps you make healthy choices when you grocery shop. SmartNow’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Melina Jampolis,, worked with top dietitians to nutritionally rank grocery store products and provide key considerations for choosing healthier products when you shop. Shop Healthy! has over 100,000 unique, branded products. Each product has key nutritional factoids, nutritional label information and in most cases how that product ranks within its category.

Searching for the best yogurt? Just browse the dairy aisle and click on the yogurt icon. Yogurts will show up on your phone ranked by optimal nutritional health. Trying to understand how one brand of cookies compares to another, simply search by your product’s brand to get it’s ranking. Tap to save your favorites and email them later.

Shop Healthy! also includes tips on how to select and store specific fruits and vegetables. This information along with fun facts about each fruit and vegetable is provided by Produce for Better Health Foundation, a non-profit with the mission of motivating people to eat more fruit and vegetables through the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters® national health initiative.

Shop Healthy! is the first iPhone App to comprehensively map out the grocery store nutritionally. So, now, yep, there is an App for that.

The application is available for the price of a song, literally. The introductory price is just $.99.

This page: has more details on the App.

Background on Dr. Melina Jampolis
Dr. Melina Jampolis graduated from Tufts Medical School in internal medicine and she is board certified in nutrition. In 2005, Dr. Melina hosted a program on the Discovery Network’s FIT TV titled “Fit TV’s Diet Doctor” and she currently serves as the diet and fitness expert for She is the chief medical officer of Smartnow and serves as a member of the advisory board and a regular contributor to and Heart Healthy Living (Meredith Corporation). In January 2010, she joined the medical advisory board of Better Homes & Gardens.

Background on focuses on providing preventive health and wellness information and programs. Top medical, fitness and wellness experts write and develop programs for The company provides health and wellness information to the health care industry and corporations. To learn more about SmartNow, visit

Background on Produce for Better Health Foundation®
Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)
consumer education foundation whose purpose is to motivate people to eat
more fruits and vegetables to improve public health. PBH is a member and
co-chair of the National Fruit & Vegetable Alliance (NFVA), consisting
of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and industry working
to collaboratively and synergistically achieve increased nationwide
access and demand for all forms of fruits and vegetables for improved
public health. This vision of the NFVA is a nation in which half of the
foods Americans eat are fruits and vegetables. Fruits & Veggies-More
Matters is the nation’s largest public-private, fruit and vegetable
nutrition education initiative with Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition
Coordinators in each state, territory and the military.

PBH’s mission is to lead people to eat more fruits and vegetables
because it matters for their better health. The foundation achieves
success though industry and government collaboration, and a variety of
marketing and nutrition education programs. To learn more, visit and

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