Simple Budgets: An easy to use Business Expense Report and Personal Budget App

Simple Budgets: An {simple|easy} to use {Company|Business} Expense Report and Personal Budget App

Simple Budgets” a simple and {simple|easy} to use {Company|Business} Expense Report and Personal Budgeting Application to {assist|help} you with tracking expenses, payment {kinds|types}, items {kinds|types} and {much more|more}!

Simple Budgets” {permits|allows} users to {rapidly|quickly} and {effortlessly|easily} track all business expenses, with customizable expense {kinds|types}, payment {kinds|types} and item {kinds|types}. Use built in reporting services to analyze payment {techniques|methods}, expense types (billable or non-billable, etc.) or item {kinds|types} (meals, airfare,
hotel, etc.) and track your spending over time.

{House|Home} users can take {benefit|advantage} of the {simple|easy} to use budgeting features which track your spending vs. a pre-defined {spending budget|budget}. Define budgets for weekly or monthly expenses such as food, utilities, fuel or any other budget you {select|choose} to define. {Fast|Quick} and {simple|easy} reporting {assist|help} to pin down where your dollars are going and adjust to {maintain|keep} {inside|within} {spending budget|budget}.

{Totally|Fully} customizable items, payment {kinds|types} and expense {kinds|types}, including user defined {kinds|types} and budgets. {Every|Each} {spending budget|budget} is tracked separately and any number of budgets can be added. {Require|Need} to alter a {spending budget|budget}? With Simple Budgets, you can {effortlessly|easily} add, edit or update any {Spending budget|Budget} or {Spending budget|Budget} Item.

Contact: Patrick Holt

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