Simplenote is about as plain as that. You write simple notes, and they are saved automagically to the application. The outstanding function is the online synchronization which allows you to log in and input notes yourself online or simply view the notes you have.

The application starts you off right away with the few options it has available. Creating new notes is a breeze with the plus button, and making a new account with Simplenote is well… simple. Every time you open the application it synchronizes with the online database, making it fast and convenient to use.

Another interesting facet of this application is the fact that it will work in Landscape mode. Simply turn your iPhone at any point while using the application and it will turn to landscape.

Pros: Search option, online synchronization, landscape mode

Cons: no options for rich text editing

Bottom Line: Simplenote is almost a copy of a landmark application, and the addition of one option doesn’t really mean that this app was cut from a separate cloth.

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