Sing Perfect Studio (Free)

Sound like a Professional Singer …

Sing Perfect Studio is unlike any other voice processing application available.

No matter how well you sing, it automatically makes your and your friends’ singing sound professional and perfect.

The amazing “Perfect Tune” processing corrects the timing, melody, vibrato and loudness of each of your recordings to sound as good as the original singer.

As a final touch, it also adds the right recording studio effects.

Like challenges? Sing Perfect Studio also scores the accuracy of each recording and displays the total scores for each Mix and each Singer.  So you can keep improving.

This Preview Version comes with 3 great songs.

In following versions, you will get more songs and share your mixes.

Main Feature Summary

  • “Perfect Tune” processing corrects user’s recordings to sound perfect.
  • Create solos, duets and double tracks with Multiple Singers in two-track Mixes
  • Start and stop recording anywhere in song
  • Get scores for accuracy for each take and for the whole Mix
  • Variable-speed playback control – hear your mix at a crawl or push it to a super-fast “chipmunk” style.

This preview version is available in UK, Europe and Australia.

Watch for new releases soon.

Created by: Synchro Arts Limited, Epsom, UK

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