Singing Cat

I installed Singing Cat thinking it would be the dumbest iPhone app on the planet, and it definitely qualifies as dumb… but it’s also kind of funny! I guess it would fall into that class of apps that are basically a cheap laugh, then after about five minutes it gets old and you forget about it. Think Wooo Button and Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Singing Cat is basically a picture of some dude’s cat that moves his mouth to sounds picked up by the iPhone’s mic. The thing about this app that surprises me is the quality of the mouth animation… it’s way better than I was expecting! Honestly, I thought it would be like a ventriloquist’s doll where the mouth moves up and down in a single piece, but I can tell that Gigabyte Solutions Ltd. put some effort into making the cat’s mouth move as smoothly as they could. The cat even blinks at you which is a nice touch.

For most people, Singing Cat will have a pretty short shelf life, but in the right hands I think it could be set up as a prop in some mildly amusing pranks and maybe even diffuse a hostile situation. Imagine you’re screaming your guts out at someone and they hold this app in front of your face while you’re yelling… the cat will be mimicking your every word and, unless you’re on a truly murderous rampage, you just might break down and laugh.

Worth a buck? Ehhh… to some, sure. Cat fanatics, especially those who have a cat like the one in this app, will probably love it to death. Dog people like myself, not so much, but even so it’s still pretty funny.

If cats annoy you, Gigabyte Solutions also sells this app in other varieties: dog, monkey, camel, orangutan, and snowman.

I normally post a full gallery of app screenshots below, but this is pretty much all there is!

I normally post a gallery of app screenshots, but this is pretty much all there is!

OMG!! What the hell happened to my teeth??!!

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