Skizzle is a puzzle game that mixes up any image you can find and rearranges blocks of the image. The source of this image can be a native Google image search, snapshots, pictures you have saved on your iPhone or Shared Images if you have an account.

This application immediately assimilates you into the game and has a very pleasant interface. The main menu simply asks where you’re going to get the image from, and from then on out the application takes control by loading the image and mixing it up for you.

There are three difficulty settings and two modes to play in. Ez-drag mode means that you just pick up a piece and switch it out with any of the other pieces on the board. Push mode forces each block you slide over to be pushed into the place of where your finger is sliding over.

Overall, Skizzle is a surprisingly sharp application with a well-designed interface. I honestly didn’t expect anything special from an application called Skizzle, but this application was colorful and unexpected.

Pros: Great design, simple and fun game, ease of use

Cons: I really have to fish for a con to this application. I can’t find anything.

Bottom Line: Skizzle is a great application for short-term entertainment, and I can see this being a long-term bit of fun. Well worth the two dollar price, I suggest definitely giving this application a go.

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