Slang Machine – iPhone App guaranteed to make you laugh!

Slang Machine is a sound generator that enables you to playback over 30 slang words and phrases from the past 30 years to make you the center of any party or function! Playback words and phrases with 1 of the 4 built-in characters!

Go super high pitched with the “Eyeballin’ Alien” voice or super low with the “Slangin’ Sasquatch”! ‘Keep it real’ with the “Slang Dude” or fake someone out with the robotic sounding “Mr. Roboto”!

It’s up to you!

Choose from over 30 phrases such as:

  • Giddy up!
  • Who’s Your Daddy!?
  • I’d buy that for a dollar!
  • Straight Pimpin’!

The Slang Machine is guaranteed to generate crazy slang you may not have heard in a while and lot’s of fun and laughs too!

For a limited time Slang Machine is now being sold for just $ .99!

Goto the Slang Machine Website!

Slang Machine in iTunes Store!

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