Smart Dial

Smart Dial is a simple application with one main purpose—to let you call someone quickly by spelling their name on a numeric keypad.

The app’s UI is done well and looks like a decent iPhone app. When you open the app, you’re presented with a standard phone keyboard. To dial a number, simply spell out the person’s first or last name by tapping the numbers which spell out the person’s name in order. No need to tap multiple times for specific spellings, just type out 2-3 numbers and it’ll figure it out.

If the app finds more than one person with the same combo of letters, tapping the triangle will scroll through the names until you find the correct number. The preference for showing mobile numbers is set by default, but you can change this.

If you would like to get full info on a contact, find them by typing in a few letters and simply tap their name in the upper display. The contact sheet will slide up for full info.

All numbers dialed from Smart Dial are kept in a “dialed” history which can be cleared. Your full contacts list can also be accessed from within the app.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t start typing a number you know and have the app figure out the contact you’re looking for.

The good: Looks good, let’s you quickly get to a number by hitting a few buttons, provides history and full contacts list. Tapping the upper-display shows full contact info.

The bad: Doesn’t auto-complete based on numbers.

The Bottom line: Smart Dial is a simple little app that lets you quickly find a number and dial it based on a few key presses. It’s faster than finding a contact in your address book. For those looking for this kind of solution, Smart Dial is where it’s at.

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