Snack Time for Caterpillar: Free iPhone Game with Ads

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—APRIL 8, 2010— Yobonja Games has announced the release of their free, ad-supported game Snack Time for Caterpillar for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. Snack Time Caterpillar can be described as the perfect game for iPhone and iPod Touch gamers, as it is easy to learn and hard to master.
Utilizing this easy-to-learn structure, Snack Time for Caterpillar appeals to all gamers, even those looking for some more “manly” games. Likewise, Snack Time for Caterpillar is a game built perfectly for the iPhone and iPod Touch with a gameplay model that rarely works on any other platform.
Snack Time for Caterpillar is also implemented with Aptocore’s AGON Online, a leading social gaming platform on the iPhone. AGON Online brings about many features, including achievements, online leaderboards, location aware scores, and Facebook and Twitter connectivity.
“Kids seem to like the game a lot,” says co-founder Angelo, “but the game is actually harder than it looks, the cute graphics tend to deceive people.”
Snack Time Caterpillar is available now on the App Store for free, and ads are supported through mobile ad-providing company AdMob. If you want to remove the ads, it will cost a meager amount of $0.99, but gameplay will not be hindered because of ads.
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About Yobonja Games
Yobonja Games is a small group of game developers based in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to making fun experiences for people of all ages. Their current projects range from small iPhone games to downloadable, third-person shooters for Mac and PC.
About AGON Online by Aptocore
AGON Online brings friends, leaderboards, awards and more to your iPhone and iPod Touch games. Create your own profile and every AGON enabled game will recognize you. Collect awards and compare yourself against your friends and the world.

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