Snake 360 for iPhone and iPad Now Live on App Store

Snake is no longer limited to four directions!  Introducing Snake 360 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad, a fun twist of a game we all know and love!

Snake 360 is based on the classic, addictive gameplay of Snake, where you must get your snake to eat pellets of food, while avoiding your growing tail and walls.  Instead of the original arrow buttons, Snake 360 uses the intuitive, on-screen dial to move your snake in whichever direction you choose.

Snake 360 was created as a result of the multitude of unsatisfied reviews for many of the other snake apps for iPhone.  Many of these complaints were regarding the difficult to use control mechanisms, such as tilting or flicking.  We feel that Snake 360′s dial offers a familiar and easy-to-use method of controlling the snake, similar to the control scheme of many other successful apps.

In addition to its superior control method, Snake 360 offers three difficulty levels, which make the snake move faster, but also make you gain points faster.  Snake 360 also offers location based high scores at the town, state, and country level, as well as global leaderboards.  This makes it easy to compete against your friends online!

Snake 360 Screenshot Snake 360 Screenshot

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