Sneaky Snake iPhone game – The classic snake game revisited

A new update of Sneaky Snake, the iPhone’s snake game, is now available for all those addicted to the classic gaming style. The new version includes fun and mysterious achievements, different difficulty levels and also allow players to share their best records with friends throughout social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Sneaky Snake is a fashionable update of nokia mobile phone’s classic snake game. The game’s objective is the same as the classic one: eat to grow up as much as possible, turning the snake into a full grown anaconda, while avoiding collisions with surrounding walls or biting its own tail.

Through Game Center integration, Sneaky Snake has got a full set of new features. Making it possible for players to compete with their friends over the highest scores on Game Center’s Leaderboards and earn badges when completing each one of the 22 achievements in game.

Fully configurable, players can choose the best difficulty level to suit their needs, whether a relaxing time playing snake or an adrenaline rush with a full speed snake. In a stunning new design, the snake is filled with new colors and every pixel has been carefully polished to best suit your iPhone’s retina display and make it a great experience.

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