Snowball Duel HD: A great game for kids and the iPad

Snowball Duel is great for kids on the IpadIf you have an iPad and a child you understand that it can be difficult wrestling it away from them.  SnowBall Duel HD can solve the problem.  Instead of handing over the iPad, play the game with them.  Snowball Duel HD is a great 2 player game which is easy to use and fun to play.

First, let’s start with the graphics and music.  They are simply excellent.  The animations are smooth, the colors are soothing, and the presentation is very well thought out.  The music is suitable for a game of this type.  It’s catchy.

There are 6 mini-games built into Snowball Duel so you and your young playing partners will have hours of fun.

The concept is relatively simple.  You and your playing partner each have 2 people to control.  You can move the people around your half of the screen to avoid (or hide behind) obstacles.  You simply drag your finger to throw a snowball at the enemy or anything else (like a tree or a snowman).   Each of the mini-games brings in a new dimension to the game.

1)  Basic:  This is the basic form of the game.  No obstacles- just a wide open screen to learn the game.

2)  Snow Forts:  Now you get a snow fort to hide behind.

3)  Trees:  No more open field.  The trees can provide cover but they can also be deadly.  Be careful.

4)  Snowmen:  Now you have snow forts, trees and snowmen.  Again, the snowmen can provide cover but they can be deadly.  Chose your hiding spot carefully.

5) Thick ice:   You have now ventured onto some thick ice.  However, you can’t make more snowballs when you are on the ice.  You have to move back to the snow on the ground so don’t stay on the ice too long.

6)  Thin ice:  You are really skating on thin ice now.  If you stay still very long, you’re going for a swim and your opponent wins.

Each game also has some fun twists and turns.  There are bonuses available after you break apart the ice which hides them.  Get your life back, speed up your snowball making, decrease your opponents energy, or get a super ice-packed snowball which kills on the first shot.  There are many more to discover as you continue to play.

In addition to the bonuses, each game also features some interesting twists.   Here’s an example- Sometimes the dog comes and creates a little yellow snow.  Don’t eat it.  Throw it!

You will need a partner to play this game.  There is no playing against the simulated partner.  That is something to consider adding.  One other point we noticed is that our reviewers sometimes had trouble with the moving and throwing motion.  They had no trouble playing the game and thoroughly enjoyed it, but our more impatient testers would wonder why “why is my kid not moving”.

We tested Snowball Dual HD with children from 3 -14 years old.  All of them enjoyed played we recommend giving it a try.

SnowBall Duel HD - A game for kids on your ipad

Check out the video of the fun gameplay (minus the excited little fingers):

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