Snowboard Kids: Fast Action Snowboard Racing

The hit series Snowboard Kids by AtlusĀ©, a fast action racing game with a snowboarding theme, has now been arranged for OpenFeint on iPhone.

Snowboard Kids for smartphone is an adaptation of Snowboard Kids Party (NDS) delivering the same smooth, high speed game play and killer animations.

Challenge the world tour and race against opponents using magical shots and items in exhibition mode, execute spin and grab tricks and rack up points in a trick match, race against the clock and maneuver through hoops in slalom mode, or duke it out with the big boss in boss mode!

First try out Snowboard Kids free of charge and take a test run down the course in exhibition mode. If you wish to continue on, buy your unlimited helicopter pass for no more than a dollar and challenge the entire world tour through 3 grade levels.

Other characters, colors, boards, shots, etc. are available either by scoring points during the game or through in app purchases.

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