You couldn’t pay me to put a real snow globe on display in my hole-in-the-wall apartment unless it was filled with naked ladies, and even then I’d have to think about it! Snowdome, however, is an impressive and super-accurate reproduction of the real thing that I would gladly show off to anyone who wants to see what a quality App Store product looks like.

Snowdome comes with six different holiday songs including Auld Lang Syne and Blue Danube for post-Christmas relevance, and all of the songs sound like they could be playing from one of those pin-and-cylinder contraptions that goes inside a real wind-up snow globe or music box. Also included are six different background scenes that all look awesome behind the swirling snow flakes, and there are a few different ways to affect the snow’s movement which all look pretty right-on in the physics department.

As improvements go, it seems natural to wish you could stick your own photos in the snow globe, so hopefully Yotta Digital will make that possible in a future update. Another improvement that would be nice to see is the option to play all of the music in a row or randomly because the songs are pretty short as they also tend to be when you wind up the player on a real snow globe.

Yesterday I wrote about three free snow globe apps that ranged from weird to buggy to nice-but-not-actually-a-snow-globe. Although I looked at about six different free apps before settling on those three, not one of them even came close to achieving what Yotta Digital has created in Snowdome… and I’m not saying this because Yotta Digital is advertising the app on this site! It’s just that good.

If you’re gonna pay a buck for a snow globe, get this one. It’s abundantly clear that a lot of care and attention went into making Snowdome and you won’t be disappointed.

Click to watch Yotta Digital's Snowdome video

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