Once you get past the sheer number of variations in Solitaire that can be played here, you start noticing the detail that has gone into this title. Firstly, and most importantly, there are simple and well written rules for each, available at the tap of an icon when playing. ‘Stats’ keeps count of how many times you’ve won at each variant, e.g. “At Klondike, you’ve won 5 times out of 29″. ‘Auto’ automatically plays any cards whose placement is obvious (if appropriate, this depends on which variant you’re playing), and ‘Undo’ (obviously) allows you to think better of the last card played.
Tap on the somewhat misleading ‘i’ at any point and you get a full screen of things to fiddle with – half a dozen settings, some specific to the game in hand, plus the chance to change the background and card colours, just for a change. You can also preselect which solitaire variations you want to appear on the opening screen, using a simple iPhone on/off UI widget. It’s all beautifully in keeping with the main iPhone OS look, feel and philosophy.
Cards are played simply by tapping – in variations where you need to decide where they go, just tap on the destination as well. Cards are animated quickly and smoothly, too so there’s little guesswork on what’s gone where and no waiting around.
If you like Solitaire then just buy this and you’re set for the next 50 years. Really. Over 40 Solitaire games, each taking between one and ten minutes to play through. Times infinity for the random card layouts each time. That’s a lot of card-tapping gameplay!

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