SongStumblr: ‘geosocial music discovery’ comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch (free app)

SongStumblr comes to the App Store and will allow users to share and discover music from people nearby them.

LONDON, UK – August 21, 2010 – Frimby Limited today announced the release of SongStumblr, an application which allows users to see and hear what nearby people are listening to, and to share out their own music to the people in their surrounding: location orientated music discovery and sharing. Users can listen to discovered songs for free, purchase songs, or find information about songs from online databases.

As soon as SongStumblr is opened, the user automatically shares out their music and can see what nearby users are listening to. Users can still control their music whilst running the application with a custom controller or can access other music controls by running the application in the background, using multitasking. SongStumblr users can share to, and discover music from devices at a range of up to 60 feet from them. Users have the ability to customise their username which appears on other devices and have the option to appear anonymous.

SongStumblr’s groundbreaking feature is that the user can listen to discovered songs for free in the application’s embedded media player. The user can purchase the song from the device’s iTunes™ Music Store or can get information on their discovered song through using online databases such as Google™, Wikipedia™, Twitter™, Bing™ and more, without ever leaving the application. The user also has the option to keep discovered songs by saving them to an offline database. Sticking to the geosocial theme of the application, a user can find out additional information about a saved song, such as the username of the person they discovered it off, or the discovery’s geocoded location. Songs can then be viewed on a map layout based on saved GPS data. (iPod Touches use Skyhook™ for this).

Features include:

- Discover songs from nearby devices automatically.

- Listen to discovered songs for free in our built in media player.

- Find out information about discovered songs from search engines.

- These include Google™, Wikipedia™, Bing™, Twitter™ Search and more.

- Purchase the song from within the application.

- SongStumblr automatically shares your current song when you open it.

- You can configure your name on other devices with length of up to 8 characters.

- You can also appear anonymous.

- You can run the application in the background and hence can control your music from outside the app if you want, and then can re-open it every now and then to see who’s about and in doing so share your current song.

- Control your music right from within the app.

- Add discovered songs to a personal database which you can keep forever.

- Store the location (reverse geocoded) of the discovery.

- Store other data about your discoveries such as the person’s username or date.

- Continue looking up information on-demand from many databases.

- See your songs in a map view based on discovery locations.

SongStumblr is now available for free (with no ads) on the App Store and is downloadable across the world. It will continue to stay free, encouraging users to find music in a new, revolutionary way. Link to store:

Please visit for more information about SongStumblr.

Frimby Limited is a company new to the App Store and hence is bringing fresh ideas to the market. Founded in early 2010, it has been working on its first application, SongStumblr, for the past few months from its offices in London, UK. For more information, visit


Contact: Lou Montilla

Tel: (+44) 7590 540 177


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