Songwriting Tools for Musicians on the Go

Free Promo Codes has launched Blues Writer, an iPhone app for both the professional and aspiring songwriter. Rock, folk, indie and blues musicians can all benefit from this application which encourages the creative process. With a built in rhyming dictionary and instrumental backing tracks, the app is designed specifically for songwriters and musicians. When at a loss for words, double click and Schirmer’s Complete Rhyming Dictionary, the industry standard including over 96,00 rhymes, is at your fingertips. Instrumental tracks help give structure to a song and put lyrics in context. The track can then be shared online or sent to friends and band mates, all on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The built in rhyming dictionary is a powerful aid for songwriters; a convenient tool that can help find the muse while in line or waiting for the train. Everything is built in so no Internet connection is needed to access the application’s content and start having fun.

Blues Writer is available in the app store, and with a notepad, backing tracks, rhyming dictionary and recorder, it has everything needed to get the creative juices flowing. While the blues is the foundation for much of contemporary rock, Blues Writer can help a wide variety of artists. The application’s easy-to-learn controls give Blues Writer the ability to spark the creative process anywhere.

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