Sonic Vox

Sonic Vox is a voice modulation application from SonicMule. It comes with five different options for voices, with the possibility of varying the options themselves by sliding the finger to the right or to the left.

The concept of this application is simple but fun: speak into the microphone on the iPhone and sounds comes out through either the iPhone speaker, headphones or anything you can plug into it. There are five options:

• Normal Voice Modulator
• Cylon
• Lion/ Kitty
• Baby/ Grumpy
• Robot

The different options can be modulated further using the ‘touch-pad’ capabilities. Simply slide your finger on the screen left of right to change the pitch or manner by which your voice is modulated.’ You can also choose how much echo is used, which can sound interesting, but oftentimes tastelessly fun.

The fact that there is no way to use this application otherwise can be pretty detracting. I’d like to maybe see an integration for making phone calls (although you can easily just plug in speakers and call people from another phone).

Pros: Entertaining, plenty of options, quick fun

Cons: Very few feasible uses

Bottom Line: Sonic Vox could be useful when faking a voice in public or maybe trying to scare someone, but without external integration, the fun stops as soon as this application is closed.

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