We all know enough about concerts to know that having a lighter makes everything much more exciting. A while back the ‘Virtual Zippo Lighter’ came out and had attendees raving about using their iPhones as a lighter that couldn’t be extinguished. SonicLighter brings a few new touches to this idea and even has a Global View to see who else around the world is lighting up at the same time as you.

There is a shockingly large pool of functions contained in this application. It is obviously a faux-lighter, but you’re also capable of blowing the flame out. In addition, you can tilt the flame to ‘burn’ the walls of your iPhone, ‘touch’ the flame with your fingertip to block its path and whatever else you like, and even light someone else’s lighter (using sound frequencies from your iPhone via the speaker and microphone).

Another unexpected function is the Global View. This is included in most of SonicMule’s applications, and it’s a fascinating functionality. Something particularly notable is that you can choose your flame’s color, and that color actually directly corresponds with the recent Presidential race. Granted, it’s a little late to feel like that makes much of a difference, but it’s pretty fun having a blue/ red flame according to who I’d prefer.

Pros: Abundant functions, versatile controls

Cons: Nada.

Bottom Line: SonicLighter may be just a lighter application, but the extra features increase the capabilities to make it a lighter application that truly stands out among the rest.

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