New SOUND MAC-HINE Mobile Phone Application Provides Popular Sound Effects From Top Rated Shows & movies, including Howard Stern.
As new applications are being developed for the iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile phones, a new application was developed which provides some of the world’s most popular sound effects, all in one program.

This program features sound effects from all of the characters found on the world-renowned Howard Stern show, Beavis & Butthead, Andrew Dice Clay, the Three Stooges and Animal House as well as other popular sound effects (including a complete fart section with over 30 blasts).

Users will be able to save their favorites to a list, record their own sounds and save them, and use a timer to have the sounds play at a certain time. The creators put much emphasis on creating a high quality app and concentrated on the sophisticated navigation so users can easily scroll though the many sound effects and play the effects with ease.

Program creators have also promised to donate a portion of proceeds to, The North Shore Animal League and other charitable organizations.

Wack Pack Sound Effects and More
Titled SOUND MAC-HINE [Saund • Mack•kine], the program provides hundreds of sound effects from a variety of characters found on television, movies, the media, internet sensations, and on the Howard Stern show. Owners of the app can play any of these hundreds of sound effects. Featured sound effects include quotes by:
Gary Dell’Abate
Animal House
Blue Iris
Beavis & Butthead
Eric the Midget
George Takei
Scott the Engineer
Andrew Dice Clay
Three Stooges
William Shatner
Crazy Alice
Richard Simmons
Riley Martin
The Beat
Gilbert Dice Clay
O.J. Simpson
& more

According to show creators, the initial release contains hundreds of sound effects, but future releases and volumes will contain hundreds more as well as effects from many other shows and movies.

North Shore Animal League, Help the Wack Pack & other charitable organizations
The SOUND MAC-HINE is now available for a one-time download introductory fee of $1.99 – $2.99 depending on the platform. A portion of all proceeds will go to, The North Shore Animal League and religious institutions.
More information on the SOUND MAC-HINE and its features can be found at

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We truly hope you enjoy our app!

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