Spaliens: bubble shooter game for the iPhone

Spaliens GameIn a far far galaxy live the Spaliens. Cute little creatures, who love to party and just have fun!

But, oh-no! Their planet is about to explode!

They must escape! And Only YOU can help them.

Are you up for the task??

Will you help them??

Launch their bubble-spaceship and match at least 3 Spaliens of the same color to teleport them to their mother spaceship.

As you know, no good deed goes unrewarded!

So for every successful teleport, you earn star dust points, as well as the number of Spaliens you saved. The more Spaliens you save and the more teleports you make in a row, the higher you score.

There are 40 locations (Levels) where Spaliens wait for you to rescue.

The Spaliens are counting on you! Don’t let them down.

Good luck!

Game Highlight Features:

  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Spaliens are always breathing, dancing, blinking and stretching – they are so cute…
  • Spaliens will get bored if they wait too long, and you can wake them up by tapping on the screen :-)
  • Get more score by sequence of Spaliens matches.
  • Get a “Teleport Combo” after a 5 sequences of Spaliens matches.
  • Save as much Spaliens as you can – High score bar contains also the total number of Spaliens that you saved in all games.
  • Bonus time at the end of each level to earn more points.

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