Sparkle Drop!: The Free Coin game for iPhone&iPad

– “Sparkle Drop!” is a Free and Simple coin game. Collect gems by pushing coins into the target area. Use your gems to create beautiful jewelry!

– Dazzling 3D jewelry and beautifully designed sparkling gems…
You may want to collect them!!

– Use your gems to create your own jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces and tiaras! Enjoy your jewelry collection by rotating your pieces in different

– You can get six kinds of special coins ; e.g. +2 coins, +5 coins, +?coins, Squeeze bonus, Metamorphosis coins, etc. These coins help you collect coins faster!!
Also, you will have some privileges when you collect jewelry.

-Drop special coins at the same time, you may be able to get many coins.It’s sooooooo exciting!!

【How to play】

 1. Drop coins by tapping or swiping the screen!
2. Catch the falling gems!
3. Create jewelry with gems you’ve collected!
4. Enjoy the jewelry collection and become the Jewelry Princess!

If you are interested in this app, please watch the following promotion video.

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