SpeakingPal English Tutor – the new way to learn English speaking skills!

SpeakingPal launches a new and engaging mobile education product – “SpeakingPal English Tutor” – for improving English speaking skills right on your iPhone. Just speak into your phone and get instant feedback on how well you spoke!

SpeakingPal, a young startup company that is pioneering the development of English teaching mobile programs, announced that it has recently launched its award-winning language learning application for the iPhone, available for free download at the app store. SpeakingPal has developed a unique and highly interactive solution that focuses on developing English speaking skills. The application allows users to simply speak into their phone in humorous dialogs with a video character and get instant feedback on how well their sentences and words were spoken, just like having a personal oral proficiency tutor. The product combines high-end English learning content designed specifically for the mobile with automatic speech recognition to provide a seamless user experience that simulates a real video call. It provides pronunciation feedback, model speaker recordings for comparison and easy to understand color-coded progress scores for virtually limitless flexible, engaging and interactive practice opportunities.

“We are very happy to have our application available to the millions of English learners around the world that have iPhones”, says Eyal Eshed, CEO and co-founder of SpeakingPal. “We have worked hard to be able to port our application to the iTune market and believe that our product will be widely accepted among the growing market segment now wanting access to quality education through their mobile phones. With the growth of m-learning (mobile learning) worldwide, our product can help alleviate the burning need of people the world over that want to be understood in English so that they can improve their business, career or employment opportunities. There is simply no other mobile product in the market out there that specifically addresses the huge need to improve English speaking skills to the level that our product delivers.”

SpeakingPal is the first m-learning company to use mobile speech recognition technologies for developing higher-level English speaking skills on the mobile.

About SpeakingPal
SpeakingPal, is a pioneering mobile learning company that brings English Language Learning to the mobile phone with a unique focus on speaking skills. SpeakingPal turns the mobile phone into a virtual English tutor by allowing users to simply speak into the phone and get instant feedback.
Its patent-pending technology combines mobile client applications, cloud computing, and distributed systems with expertise in linguistics and automatic speech recognition. SpeakingPal’s innovative solution delivers mobile English language training of the highest caliber to the global market.

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