SpinDaBoom : SpinDaBoom – new addictive Iphone Puzzle Shooter Game

“Playing Tetris in a tumble dryer, that would be de best description for the new Iphone,Ipod touch game SpinDaBoom”.

A new Iphone Game with a high fun factor was released last week. Beginning at a very slow and easy level with a funny ukulele soundtrack in the background you think it is a relaxing amusement. You can groove to the music , spin the wheel and try to push the buttons with the right color. SpinDaBoom is the kind of game you play, when waiting for the bus or at a commercial break when watching tv.

But thats what you thing in the first moment. It has got a kind of puzzle feeling, because you have to spin a wheel to get the bricks in the right position to pop them away.

But I wouldn’t say that it is only a puzzle game. It it also a shooter, because the game is getting faster and faster and it’s not only a matter of pushing the right buttons. It’s a matter of pushing them fast enough. After a while you have to stop thinking. You have to react. SpinDaBoom has colorful arcade game graphics and a smooth intuitive gameplay. Not much complicated rules. Easy to get along with. Visit the Website and you can get a first impression.

So can you win the game? The answer is No!. Definitely not. The question is how long can you be in the game.It is like riding a bull, sooner or later the bull will throw you. The most important thing is, SpinDaBoom is pure fun, so if you start playing when waiting for the bus, i have to warn you, maybe you will miss the bus. Worth mentioning is the Soundtrack oft the game, it is the kind of music that you can not get out of your head. It is an adaption of an old caribbean traditional. A song that puts you in a good mood. SpinDaBoom is available at the App Store since June 2011.

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