Spoilage is so aggravating! But I can’t rag on it because it’s also an addictive and well-done puzzle game that’s hard to put down.

In Spoilage you are no longer human. You’re juuuust slightly less than that… you’re bacteria. You and your little colony of heroic bacteria buddies are charged with the duty of protecting a patch of Blue Ooze that the evil bacteria want all for themselves.

The app comes with a built-in tutorial that very clearly explains how to get your ass whipped, I mean, how to play the game, but in a nutshell there are two basic moves: (a) move a bacteria blob one space and, in doing so, split a single bacteria into two blobs, or (b) move two spaces without splitting. What you should do depends on how far the enemy blobs are from you… if they move into a space next to you, they take over some of your bacteria guys. Likewise, if you make first contact, you take over some of theirs. Whichever bacteria blob army occupies the most ooze wins.

Spoilage is a really fun boardgame-type app that, unless you’re a mad genius, will really piss you off until you figure out a game plan. It has a heavy element of strategy to it, not to mention squishy sound effects that could be seen as either cute or disgusting depending on how you feel about bacterial colonies and blue ooze. The puzzles, even when set to Smelly (easy) difficulty, are pretty hard but the game is simple enough that everyone from hardcore freaks down to casual puzzle fans can have fun with it.

Since this game is in a similar class as chess it doesn’t really make sense to have a high-score board, but a two-player mode would be truly awesome and I hope IGG Software makes that play option a reality with a future update. For the time being you’ll have to settle for Spoilage as a really challenging one-player game, but at least it lets you listen to iPod music along with the squishing sound effects. $2.99 seems right on for a game of this quality, so buy it if this is what you’re into! Trust me, it’s fun.

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