Sprinkle a little Cajun on your sliding puzzle game.


Life is like sliding vertical and horizontal rows of similar pieces to dismiss from the game-board in order to score points and move up the level ladder -right? Well maybe, but typically it’s not fun and addicting. So when it comes to iPhone games, Louisiana developer Dream Forge Entertainment added a little interesting spice of their own.  Appli named “Rowtopia” (pun intended), it is a fast-paced puzzle game where you are challenged to beat the clock by matching rows of similar shapes in order to progress through each level. We thought it was a fun way to alleviate stress, disconnect from long airport lay-overs, enjoy a moment of brain-fitness, hand-and-eye-coordination, or perhaps be wrong again when bragging that men are better at it than women.

Dream Forge is giving away a full version of Rowtopia to the first twelve people that play the Free Version and post a review on a blog or website and send in the link. (Offer ends May 16th, 2010).

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