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SpuzzleTM launches a “Social” Puzzle iPhone App that Turns Sharing into a Game

DENVER, Colorado :: May 20, 2010 – We’ve all seen posts on Facebook walls that say things like “Spending some time in New York City” or “We have to get together this weekend.” Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s great to be able to connect with friends online through social Web sites, e-mail and cell phones. But with SpuzzleTM, people can create a Spuzzle and make a game of it – both for the person posting the comment and for the people reading it.

The Spuzzle iPhone app, Social Questions, makes it easy for players to pose a question, add photos and clues and select how they want their friends to answer it.  Players can share their question by e-mail, post it to their Facebook wall or tweet it on their Twitter page.  Those who see the question can click it, and by using the photos and clues provided, try to answer it.  As people answer the Spuzzle, the creator is notified on their phone about how their friends answered it.

Facebook and other social Web sites are realizing they need to find new ways to keep their audiences engaged with their online platforms as seen in the popularity of applications like Mafia Wars and FarmVille. Spuzzle’s goal is to provide people with a fun and interactive way to take a basic posting and turn it into a game.  Social Web sites are recognizing that, once the glow of connecting with friends is over, people can only share with their friends so many times that they are at the local coffee shop. The Web sites need new ways to make sharing information fun.

The iPhone app, Social Questions is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store for $.99 under the Social Networking and Game categories.  To access the app on the iTunes App Store, visit  While Spuzzle is available on the iPhone, people can also play for free from the Spuzzle Web site at  Here, people can create a Spuzzle just like they would on their iPhone and share it the same ways.

The next evolution of Spuzzle is to bring the asking of social questions to companies as a new social media marketing strategy.  Companies will create a Spuzzle that will allow them to promote and market a product, service or their brand.  Players of Spuzzle will be able to answer company questions and be rewarded for their efforts.  Companies will also use Spuzzle as a game asking potential customers to figure out what they are selling instead of telling them – making it fun for the consumer and a new way for companies to breakthrough with their brand.

Jeff Russell, President
Spuzzle, Inc.

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