Squidge Rush: World’s first two-stage tower defence game for iPhone

Innovative cute action game coming to iPhone

London, UK %u2013 May 25 2011 Indie developer RX Games are giving “addictive gameplay” a {entire|whole} new meaning with the release of its revolutionary two-stage tower defence game Squidge Rush. Taking full {benefit|advantage} of the touchscreen platform, Squidge Rush’ {functions|features} a {entire|whole} host of cute adorable characters and together with its innovative game dynamic, has the {possible|potential} to be a {large|big} hit for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Whereas {conventional|traditional} tower defence is {1|one}-way, %u2018Squidge Rush’ is substantially {much more|more} interactive, giving the player the chance to attack the enemy even {whilst|while} defending base. The game will appeal to players of all age groups, with cute bobbing characters and relaxing in-game graphics for casual gamers, as {nicely|well} as {difficult|challenging} puzzle and action elements for the keen strategists. Old school music and classic sound effects {assist|help} to {total|complete} the {providing|offering}, with the nature theme {generating|making} for a frantic and intriguing “battle of the elements”.

“We have attempted to cater for all {kinds|types} of player,” explains Kenny Ito, {1|one} of the four partners of RX Games. “With so {numerous|many} tower defence games focused towards delivering for the hardcore gamer, we felt it was about time to have {some thing|something} that {anybody|anyone} could play casually, with lots of cute characters and just a {fantastic|great} deal of light-hearted {enjoyable|fun}”.

“We do {anticipate|expect} our players to develop an affection for their favourite element, or character, {really|quite} {rapidly|quickly},” adds Hobart Wong, {an additional|another} of the partners. “The characters’ abilities are {extremely|very} diverse and {nicely|well} balanced, so it will be {enjoyable|fun} for us to see which of our squidges gets the most popularity votes!”

Watch a video of %u2018Squidge Rush’ here:

Squidge Rush is {accessible|available} for 59p from the App Store:
A Lite version of Squidge Rush is also {accessible|available} for {totally free|free}:

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