Staff Monitor – the FREE staff appraisal system for iPhone

Staff Monitor – the FREE staff appraisal system for iPhone

Make better personnel decisions by appraising your staff on the job with Staff Monitor, a free reviewing App available from iTunes.

This new management application available free from the App store records assessment results at the time of work. This makes the information stored 100% accurate and fresh to be used either as a self contained assessment system or alongside your company’s appraisal system. Additionally, the staff can be assessed in snapshots, rather than having to complete the full assessment, when you may be required to attend to other matters.

The Developer, Steve Power, said when asked, most staff do not look forward to performance reviews, however, do like to get performance feedback. Staff Monitor really gives this performance knowledge to the manager enabling real honest feedback, and up to date information.

Staff Monitor is an easy to use iPhone app that puts the laborious task of assessing staff in the palm of your hand, and simplifies the process to make the task a pleasure. To carry out the appraisal, you do have to watch the employee work, and that’s as hard as it gets. With staff monitor, you enter the first name, and the other entries are optional. Surname, rate of pay and birthdate fields can be entered, or not, depending on your needs.

Once you have entered your staff, you can set up your skills and behaviours. You choose these according to your line of business. In a phone shop for example, you may choose attendance, punctuality, customer service, till operation, cash handling, product knowledge, appearance etc etc. This list can go on according to how thorough you wish to be, and this list will be applied to all staff.

And then the easy part, to assess the staff, simply move the sliders between 0 and 5 to indicate that staff members score for each individual attribute.

Staff Monitor will automatically collate all the individual scores and give an overall rating that will place all staff in numerical order of rated score, showing the highest contributors at the top and the lower contributors at the bottom. Additionally it will highlight any staff that have a zero score for any single attribute.

Where a manager works for an organization with a structured review and appraisal system, staff monitor will greatly contribute to this as it arms the manager with performance scores taken directly from the work place. These scores can then be discussed while having a review meeting. This additional information will give managers a sense of confidence because they really will have accurate up to date information while discussing a staff members performance.

However, staff monitor can also be used effectively as an assessment system on its own to score staff performance and give overall rating scores that lead to constructive performance and development discussions.

Staff Monitor is free in the app store, and will have additional functionality available via In-App-Purchases in the very near future.

For more information, contact Steve Power at or via email at or phone 01474 703986

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