Stampt: The Most Convenient, Modern Way to Use Loyalty Reward Cards

Stampt Introduces the Most Convenient, Modern Way to Use Loyalty Reward Cards

Consumers Say Goodbye to Paper Cards and Hello to Stampt for Rewards on Their Phone

San Francisco, CA – Coffee drinkers in San Francisco, frozen yogurt lovers in New York and pizza connoisseur in Chicago are now using a high-tech method to be rewarded for the purchases they make on a regular basis. Today, Stampt, a revolutionary smartphone-based service that moves loyalty reward cards from paper cards to your smartphone, announced that its customer loyalty service is immediately available and consumers are already enjoying being rewarded at hundreds of participating merchants. By downloading the free app from the App Store, consumers can instantly see offers from nearby merchants and start accumulating rewards at their favorite locations.

The Stampt service, which is currently available for iOS-based devices, replaces paper “buy 9 get-one-free cards” with a phone-based app that logs reward-eligible purchases with a simple scan of the Stampt Quick Scan card that is near the register.

“Consumers using Stampt will no longer have the frustrations of paper stamp cards. No more forgetting or losing their rewards cards, or having the clutter of multiple cards in their wallets,” said Brian Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Stampt. “With Stampt, all the cards are on their phone. It’s so convenient and actually fun, and customers get rewards for what they like to buy, at the stores they visit most.”

Business owners and retailers in New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, and San Francisco are already using the Stampt customer loyalty service including restaurants, yoga studios, coffee shops, yogurt/ice cream stores, dry cleaners, auto garages and more. Current offers include a variety a great rewards such as free sandwiches, coffee, dog-walks, candy, bagels, yoga, spa treatments, car washes and so much more.

Sample offers include:

  • Buy 7 coffee drinks, Get 1 Free
  • Make 5 purchases over $10,Get a $15 gift card
  • Buy 5 Sandwiches, Get 1 Free
  • Buy 7 yoga sessions,Get 1 Free
  • Buy 9 manicures or pedicures, Get 1 Free


Stampt will be expanding to all US markets starting today and is encouraging consumers to tell their favorite merchants about Stampt. Merchants can sign-up for the free service at and be up in running in a matter of days.

Consumers using Stampt also receive “special offers” from participating retailers directly on the Stampt app that can save them even more money and offer them additional rewards. For example, “Come in today for 50 percent off any purchase,” could be sent to all Stampt users to drive traffic on a slow day.

Users can decide to post their Stampt activity to Facebook and Twitter to let their friends and followers know where they are receiving their rewards and taking advantage of loyalty programs.


How it Works for ConsumersnIt’s quick and easy to get started. After downloading the free app, users are shown a list of the 60 closest merchants that have active Stampt reward offers. After making a purchase at a Stampt participating location, the consumer simply scans the Stampt “Quick Scan” card near the register with the Stampt app on their phone and the purchase is automatically logged. No more paper cards, no forgetting, no clutter.


The Stampt app is available for free for iOS-based devices in the App Store. Stampt will be available on Android-based devices later this year.


About Stampt:
Stampt, based in San Francisco, CA, is a social and mobile customer loyalty service. Stampt allows retailers to move their loyalty reward card programs from paper cards to a smartphone-based application. The Stampt app is free for consumers to download and the service is free for merchants. Stampt allows retailers to learn more about the shopping habits of their customers, while providing consumers with a social, mobile and fun way to earn rewards. To learn more and sign up for a free merchant kit or download the app visit

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