StatsMate is FREE! One day only!

Happy Pi Day! StatsMate is FREE! One day only! Get Statsmate now!

Are you one of those people who spends hours flipping back and forth, searching through thousands of numbers in the back of that huge textbook just for a single value? Oh! The value you were looking for is not even in the table? Should you use linear approximation? Or should you use the closest value? Oh wait… you were looking for z=1.645 not 1.465. Ughhhh…

Statistics is not about spending time in tables. With StatsMate, looking for a statistical value has never been easier. StatsMate can help you find probability density curve areas, critical values, rejection regions of hypothesis testing, and P-values with a flick of a finger. With 14 most commonly used statistical distribution and 8 hypothesis tests with their P-values (and counting!), now you can solve statistical problems anytime and anywhere.


=== Probability Distributions ===

- Normal Distribution
- Chi Square Distribution
- Gamma Distribution
- Exponential Distribution
- Beta Distribution
- t Distribution
- F Distribution
- Lognormal Distribution
- Weibull Distribution
- Binomial Distribution
- Poisson Distribution
- Geometric Distribution
- Negative Binomial Distribution
- Hypergeometric Distribution

=== Hypothesis Testings and P-Values ===

- One and Two-Sample Z-Tests for population mean, and proportion
- One and Two-Sample t-Tests
- Chi Square Test and F-Test


- Probability of Type II Error in Hypothesis Testing
- Statistics Glossary
- Spreadsheet/Data Editor
- Statistics Graphing Tool
- Localization…
- and more!

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