Stick It – iPhone Sticky Notes

You’re out running around and you’ve made a to-do list on your iPhone’s default Notes app. Each time you want to look at the list you have to unlock your phone and, when you’re done, you’ll probably want to lock it again. Same goes for shopping lists. Same goes for little reminders.

Pffft screw that!! It’s really not a LOT of work to unlock and then re-lock, but it does take a little extra time and it eats a little extra battery, plus if you’re driving or trying not to drop a baby on its head it can be kind of a pain.

Stick It – iPhone Sticky Notes is basically a note-themed photo maker that lets you create little reminders to be set as your iPhone’s wallpaper. When you do this, all you need to do is push the home button to see your notes and then let the screen go black on its own.

The concept of the app is super simple but TapFactory Apps (aka Mark Peterson) has taken it pretty far in the features department, plus Mark makes it clear in the app’s iTunes description that he’s not done working on Stick It. He’s well aware that the app has shortcomings that I’ll whine about in a bit, but first let’s look at what this app does right.

For starters, there are three different styles of notes and each style has several options. You can choose notes that look like actual Post-It notes, “comic” speech & thought bubbles, and “Misc.” which is a grab bag of photographic elements including scraps of paper, a billboard, a stop sign, and some placard-type things.

You also get to customize the background with one of the 25 photo backgrounds that are included with the app or you can use a photo instead which is a nice idea. The backgrounds this app provides are good, not cheesy, and they work seamlessly with the notes being stuck on top of them. There’s all kinds of good stuff… asphalt, corkboard, leather, paper, sand… one thing I’d like to see added is skin! Nice, smooth, tan skin. Yeah this might sound creepy but c’mon… you know you’d use it! Trust me, you would.

Soooo anyway… once you’ve selected your note style and background, you can throw in more notes and move them around and edit the text on each one individually. I’m not completely sold on the way text is handled… font, font color, and size can be changed but the position is fixed… but this is still a great feature that a lesser developer would have skipped entirely out of laziness or lack of “skillz”. You even get to preview your note in a very accurate simulation of the iPhone’s unlock screen! Sweet.

Overall the process of creating a note is easy and almost fun in a way, and that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the app doesn’t save your notes-in-progress… yet. Right now, if you create a note and want to change it later on, you have to re-type the whole damn thing. But fear not, kids, Mark is totally on the case and he’s already working on an update that will make past work editable. Also on-deck is a fix that will make the app compatible with the text-magnifying-glass function that moves the text cursor around.

The other thing that you’d think the app could do is set your newly-created note as wallpaper without you having to go into Settings and do it yourself. This, unfortunately, is something that Apple won’t allow to happen so I guess we’re all kind of stuck in this respect. Mark promises, though, to make this function work if Apple ever decides it’s ok for apps to access the wallpaper settings.

Earlier I mentioned being unimpressed by Stick It’s handling of text, and I guess it’s because I’ve just gotten so incredibly spoiled with the near-flawless way Hot Chili Apps does text in its C@rds apps. I realize this is a slightly different ballgame with multiple notes existing in one file, but it would be awesome if TapFactory could figure out a way to match Hot Chili’s text-handling prowess and maybe even apply the same flexibility to the notes themselves. I want to rotate my notes and resize them using finger gestures, and maybe I don’t want the note at all! Sometimes text is all you need.

Stick It isn’t perfect, but TapFactory/Mark Peterson seems determined to keep working to make it the best of its kind which you gotta admire. For only a buck I think this app is totally worth it, and after a couple of updates to fix this and that you may find yourself using this app every day.

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