Stock Alerts Plus Ratings with Push Notification for iPhone

Hands down the best stock monitoring app in the App Store. It’s the Stock application on steroids.
Monitor stocks with Push Notification and/or email. No login required. No limit on number of symbols to add.

Stock Alert with Push Notification

Alert Types:
- High Target
- Low Target
- Daily Percent up
- Daily Percent down
- Price to Earning (PE) Ratio Low
- Price to Earning (PE) Ratio High
- Volume
- Company News
- Industry news
Alerts can be pushed to your iPhone even if the app is not running and/or be sent to your email.
General Information
- Charts
- Options
- News
- Competition Information
- Quick Quote
- Rating
Stock Ratings
Over 5000 stocks rated from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, using a system of advanced mathematics to determine a stocks expected risk and returns. Ratings change in real-time based on current market conditions.
Rating Includes:
- Buy, Strong Buy, Hold, Sell, Strong Sell
- Numeric Value
- Summary
- Detail Summary and a letter Grade in each area like Fundamentals, Ownership, Valuation and Technical. These grades are combined and weighed to generate the numeric rating.
Note that not all stocks have a rating. International stocks may not be rated.
Technical Charts
- Bollinger Bands
- 50-Day Moving Average
- 200-Day Moving Average
- Volume
- Rate of Change
- Fast Stochastic (%D, %K)
- Relative Strength Index (RSI)
- Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
Stock Exchanges
All major stock exchanges including:
- New York
- Toronto
- Mexico
- London
- Frankfurt
- Euronext
- Xetra
- Bombay-Mumbai
- Singapore
- Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia
- Tokyo
- Sydney (ASX)
- New Zealand
- Brazil, Argentina and many more
ETFs, PINK Sheets, OTC, etc. Get alerted only when the market is open taking time zone into consideration. For example, alerts for stocks on Hong Kong exchange only goes out if the market is open.
Trade Links
Include links to all major online brokerage firms in the United States.
Promo Codes (First Come, First Serve):

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