The Very Best Favorite Anecdotes
247 favorite anecdotes EN
87 favorite anecdotes IT
42 favorite anecdotes FR
7 music – carillon
and content will grow with time through our updates, but additionally, because of your owncontribution

world wide

** write your personal favorite anecdotes!! And share all of them with the relaxation around the globe!! **
** automatic web updates **
** Universal app for iPhone, ipod device e iPad **

- Developed for max compatibility with all of Apple products: iPhone, ipod device, and particularly iPad.
- Works together with all products, in portrait as well as in landscape.
- Begins with an array of favorite anecdotes in three different languages:British, Italian and French.
- Everyone can update the items in the app: because of its exceptional qualities, anyone can write their very own story book and store it on the device or share it along with other customers on the internet. In by doing this all shared favorite anecdotes is going to be instantly readily available for download by everyone, additionally to being accessible by web through our new internet sites world wide and world wide
An accumulation of classical favorite anecdotes prepared to be broadened with your own personal masterpieces, new ideas, new comments, for brand new morals, new metaphors, or for entertainment.

- The App enables you to definitely election your favourite favorite anecdotes and organise these questions separate listing
- You are able to record your personal voice and pay attention to yourself (so children can learn although playing . . . approximately parents can avoid reading through exactly the same story again and again again).
- The favorite anecdotes selected by ManualiPc for his or her interactive version within this app also have special symbols and pictures (the pictures can be found only within the iPad version).
- Changeable font size to create reading through simpler
- Adjustable screen brightness to reduce the quantity of light released
- Favorite anecdotes could be e-mailed to the recipient
- Errors and messages could be sent straight to ManualiPc with the application
- Beautiful carillon tunes could be selected to accompany the readers

The tales and also the being read in a few favorite anecdotes may influence children’s or adults’ sensibility in some cases there’s no happy ending towards the story book, once we have worked to breed the classical favorite anecdotes within their original version.

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