StuntCopter from nerdgames is basically a direct port of a classic Mac game from 1987 by Duane Blehm (who passed away some years ago).  The gameplay consists of flying a copter around with a stuntman hanging from the skids.  Your job is to drop him at the right moment so he lands on a passing horse-drawn hay wagon.  Contact with anything other than hay means a life lost (you can earn more as you progress).  Clouds that roll by serve to slow his fall.  Copter control is via accelerometer and a touch to the screen sends him earthward.  The game is incredibly basic so if you’re up for a dirt-simple pickup game or just nostalgic for the original you might find it worth a buck.  Personally I feel the game would be better off free but I can understand the desire to at least make a little something for the effort.  Check the comments area for a couple promo codes!
version reviewed – 1.1
reviewed on – iPhone 3G 8GB 2.2.1
iTunes music support – surprisingly, no

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