Style Checker: Take a picture and learn your style

Save yourself time for dressing up in the morning. Choose a color for your shirt and you will get suitable colors for your tie. Choose a suit color and the app will tell you what people associate your style to. Do you want to look trustful or sportive? Choose the suit color with your favorite style.  Style Checker is a must-have app for getting dressed in the morning.

Check out the style of your friends. Take a picture with the camera and the app tells you the style of the person. Try out different people. You want to go to a job interview? Take a picture of yourself and check out if you look sympathetic or trustful. With the right choice of colors and a good tie knot nothing can go wrong.

Try out different combinations. Choose between a picture of a business man and a woman with a casual look. As soon as you click on a color the pieces of clothes change their appearance.Style Checker- take a picture and learn your style

You can find matches in any order. For example, start with the suit, than the shirt and select the tie color at the end. Or start with the shirt or the tie. For any order the app always shows you none but the suitable colors.

The app knows over 100 styles. Play around with different combinations and find out what people associate with it.

You want to go shopping? Use the app to find suitable clothes for your existing wardrobe.

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