SuperHero: Addictive Puzzle Game for iPhone

Universal Image Release Super Hero for iPhone ,iPod and iPad,

Universal Image is very happy to announce the release of Super hero, The First major game developed by Universal Image for mobile devices, Super Hero is a addictive action puzzle game which has been downloaded over 0.5 million times since it’s release. The main feature which attract more people is new game play style and it story.

Game Play Description:

This game takes you to earlier times where Israelites have been taken captive by the philistine army. It’s time for you to rescue the captured Israelites. God has selected you for this rescue mission. God has gifted you with special powers that can make blocked wooden boxes to disappear and even break the toughest of the jails.

After killing the Philistine you can break jails by touching them. The rescue mission would complete by joining Israelites to their respective colors.


* Interactive Physics System.
* Innovative puzzle Environment
* 7 different scintillating locations, each with its own unique atmosphere
* lots of power up like gravity invert, flying power etc.
* This game has 100 Levels for puzzle to solve.
* One of the most eye-catching game available, with gorgeous, full 2D graphics.

Device Requirements:
iPhone 3gs or betterm iPod touch 2G or better, ipad
Requires IOS 4.0 or higher

Pricing and Availability:

SuperHero is available now for 0.99$(USD) on the App Store, in the puzzle game categories. Promotional code are available to reviewers upon request
official web site :
youtube link:

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