SuperList: Shopping List for iPhone and iPod touch

SuperList is a very high quality shopping list app, with a very nice and clean design. It is also highly customizable.  Have you been dreaming about a shopping list app with full barcode scanning support?  Export and import via email?  The capability to manage multiple lists?  Your dreams have been answered. 

You can find all features you will ever need in a shopping list:

- Assign barcode to an item manually or by a barcode scanner
- Add item to database and list directly from barcode scanning
- Contains 16 categories and 200 basic items that are fully editable
- Manage multiple lists
- Share list via text message or E-Mail and import list from E-Mail (only if imported mail was sent by SuperList from another device)
- When importing list from mail, choose whether to combine with existing list or create a new list.
- Backup/restore main item database via E-Mail
- Arrange categories in a custom method
- Option for viewing list at full screen
- Collapse/Expand list categories
- Add items to favorites
- Add/remove/edit all categories and items
- Set quantity, note, barcode, price and image for each item
- Individual list settings
- Search and add items in database
- Shake to clear checked items
- Tap and hold (long press) on list items to quickly view/edit item details
- Full retina display support

SuperList app has lots of nice cool animations that make the user experience more enjoyable

SuperList app constantly updated to support all possible features that a shopping list can have.  Do you have a suggestion?  Let us know.  We’ll all ears.

SuperList (Shopping List) - Creative App Factory

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