Tagged Recorder HD

Tagged Recorder is the best voice recording application for your iPad Dropbox integration.

With this application you can simply record conferences, lectures, seminars, talks and anything you want. You can pause recording and continue it at any time.

And the MAIN FEATURES: you can easily find your records by tags and location. Forget about categories, folders and other unusable things. Just add tags, allow iPhone to determine location and search by tag or find places on map.

- Voice recording with noise reduction and pause functionality
- Multitasking support – recording in background!
- Unlimited number of tags can be added to any record, during recording or after saving in editing mode
- GPS, WiFi or cell-based location determining
- Search by name or tags.
- Map to easily find records by location
- Simple playback with fast forward and rewind
- You can add description to any voice record.
- Email records to yourself or anybody right from the application for files up to 15 Mb
- Dropbox integration – you can simply upload any file to your Dropbox account. It will be stored in “Tagged Recorder” folder
- WiFi sharing – files can be accessed from PC or Mac or any device in your network just with web-browser of your choice. Also you can download any file to your computer or laptop.

Application is designed for iPad, iPad 2.

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