Tallies is a surprisingly complex app considering that it really does just one thing: count. We all learned that in preschool and most of us don’t even need our fingers anymore, but sometimes its nice to have some help keeping count. Depending on what you do, you may or may not have need of an app such as this.

The main feature of Tallies that makes it handy to have is that it not only keeps track of “how often”, but also “when”. You need only check the history tab to see when you added (or subtracted) each increment in your tally. There are a lot of potential applications for this feature, depending on what you do with it. In my case, the history tab is helpful in seeing how often my baby girl is being fed.

You can keep multiple tallies at any time. Each can be named, managed, edited, or deleted as needed without changing any of the other counts. You can view the history for each tally separately or see the history for all tallies together.

You can customize each tally for different uses. For instance, you can change the amount that the tally increases each time you hit the button. You can adjust the increment anywhere between 0.01 and ten trillion if necessary(maybe you’re keeping track of the US deficit?). If necessary, you can change the increment in the middle of the tally as well. You can also count either up or down, starting or ending at predetermined points or going on forever.

If you want to restart a tally but keep the history, there is also a save feature. You can save your tally, then start over and still have the results of your last tally.

There are a few features that I think would make Tallies useful for an even broader range of people. One would be the ability to add notes to points in the history if necessary. It would also be helpful to be able to change the time/date in the history, in case you miss one.

As far as counting apps go, Tallies is a good one. While not everyone has a use for this kind of app, those who do will probably recognize the benefits of Tallies immediately.

A second instructional video can be found here: History and Filing

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