Tap and Track Rentals: A Reservation App for Property Owners

Tap & Track Rentals ( allows users to track and reserve potential customers all with one tap and click of a button on their iPhone from anywhere they are. The iPhone app is also optimized for the all-new ”Retina Display” for the iPhone 4.
“I created the Tap & Track Rentals app to answer two of the biggest problems property owners of vacation
properties face: organizing their rental calendars, and answering inquiries in a timely manner to maximize
their rental revenue potential,” explains Principal Designer and owner of Hit Designs, Raquel Bonassisa.
“There are so many rental property options out there now, that if you want the rental, you have to get back
to potential renters as fast as possible, or they just move on. My rental revenues have increased by 60%,
because I can get back to renters very quickly anywhere I am.”

The Tap & Track Rentals iPhone app incorporates convenient features including the ability to:
• Track multiple properties, multiple reservations, and rental payments
• Set up renter profiles, add notes and photos
• Set alerts up to 30 days in advance of renters’ arrival (excellent for cleaning crew schedules)
• Export feature emails users a copy of what they have saved on iPhone as backup Mac or PC formats
• Tap to call and email renters
• Track calendar reservations in a fast, simple calendar
• Track security deposits and returned deposits
“Vacation rentals and second homes are continuing to gain popularity among the boomer and ageing
generation, especially for those that have taken advantage in the last few years of discounted and foreclosed
real estate,” explains Bonassisa. “My research in talking to many of these property owners was that they
were overwhelmed with reservation requests and how to keep track of all of them, and we created the Tap & Track Rentals as a fool-proof way to make sure they can make reservations anywhere they are, and never miss
out on that lucrative rental.,” says Raquel Bonassisa, Chief Designer at Hit Designs.

For further info and sample contact:
Christine Dais
Media Director, Tap & Track Rentals

Tap & Track Rentals - Hit Designs

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