Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails Edition

Tapulous has recently teamed up with Trent Reznor and company to release a Nine Inch Nails edition of their rather successful game, Tap Tap Revenge. This new game features a beautiful NIN-themed interface designed by Rob Sheridan and thirteen tracks from NIN’s two latest albums, Ghosts I-IV and The Slip. Each track is available for gameplay in different difficulty levels.

If you’ve never played it before, Tap Tap Revenge is a simple Guitar Hero-like game in which you must tap away the beats of a song as they reach the bottom of the screen. You earn points by scoring long streaks of beats, earning two, three, or four times as many points, depending on how long you’ve gone without breaking your combo. If you hit a long enough streak, Revenge Mode will be available for you to use in order to score eight times as many points once you rock out and shake your iPhone.

The good: Tap Tap Revenge is not only a fun and easy game to play on your own, but also has a two-player mode which takes advantage of your iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities and allows you and a friend to tap the beats away at opposing ends of the screen. Tapulous also allows you to register your score to the global leaderboard and see how you compare to other avid TTR players.

The bad: The original version of Tap Tap Revenge is free and has new playable tracks available for download every Tuesday, whereas the Nine Inch Nails edition has thirteen preselected songs and no sign of downloadable tracks anytime soon, which may make the special edition’s price seem a little hefty by comparison to the free original release.
Tap Tap Revenge also lacks the ability to automatically pause the gameplay when you receive a notification of low battery or SMS, so you may kill your score by missing several beats when you receive a new text message.

The bottom line: Tap Tap Revenge: Nine Inch Nails Edition is a very fun and entertaining game that’s sure to keep you tapping at your phone for hours, especially if you’re a fan of NIN. There are a couple cons that the developers could easily fix, but the game’s value definitely rings out its price if you enjoy the music and liked the original release. If you’re not a big fan of NIN’s two latest albums, however, you may be better off sticking with Tap Tap Revenge and downloading the weekly new tracks.

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