Tap your brains out with TIILED

BOSTON, MA — Looking for an iPhone application that’s more than just a typical, run-of-the-mill game of chance? Tiiled, an evolving iPhone logic game that generates a slew of unique puzzles on the fly, is a step above the typical “match three” games saturating the iPhone App Store.

“Tiiled requires the user to ‘see the forest through the trees’ so to speak,” says Boston-based developer Steven Dyer, the mastermind behind Tiiled. “He must deduce which moves to make to solve the puzzle, out of many possible moves.”

The goal of the iPhone game is to clear all of the tiles off the board by double-tapping them. The challenge is to figure out which tiles to tap. Each tile clears some of its neighbors and you must discern the pattern of the interlocking tile in order to solve the puzzle.

“Tiiled is a challenging puzzle game that will keep your brain busy while you ride the train or bus, wait for that important call, blow off work or whenever you need quality time inside your own head,” Dyer adds.

Features of the Tiiled iPhone application include:

–Easy to use early levels.
–Insanely challenging later levels.
–An unlimited number of puzzles/levels to complete.
–The ability to customize using different tile sets.
–Features that allow users to change graphics and tile shapes.
–An upgrade which allows advanced puzzles, up to 5x larger, and multiple themes.
–Simplified bonus scoring system with advanced version that allows higher scores.

Tiiled has been a lifelong work in progress from Dyer, who started a similar project called Puzzle I in 1994 to hone his C++ programming skills.

“My initial inspiration was to have it look like that old Windows game Minesweeper,” he says. “I designed a game with a grid on it, and the squares were inter-related – clicking one affected that tile, and others around it. I had an ‘aha’ moment where I realized that deductive logic was needed to solve the puzzles. I enjoyed that very much.”

The strangest place Dyer has tapped his brains out? “Grocery store, sidewalk, bathroom, kitchen while cooking, in bed, subway and restaurants. You be the judge,” Dyer jokes. “Maybe I don’t get to enough strange places!”

Pricing & Availability:
Tiiled is available for purchase for $2.99 on the iPhone App Store here.

Tiiled Lite:
Downloaded a free version here.

Additional Information:
For additional information about Tiiled, including screenshots, customer reviews and more, please visit http://www.keepthinkinggames.comTiiled Screenshot

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