TapDialer “Wife”

TapDialer “Wife” is an application for calling any one person in particular (the name gives a bit of that away). Users simply load the app, choose a phone number and let the application take care of the rest.

In all senses of the word, TapDialers go to show the very extent of convenience. The very urge for an application that, when opened, allows you to immediately text, call or e-mail the person assigned — this urge is pedantic.

When it comes down to it, this application comes after the ‘Favorites’ function already included with the iPhone. If someone were to actually need an application in order to be reminded to stay in touch with their significant other, I would call into question either their fidelity or their mental stability.

Pros: Inexorable convenience.

Cons: Silly, useless.

Bottom Line: I have never held TapDialers in high regard, but the fact that someone would charge money for something that your phone is programmed to do anyway truly blows my mind. Don’t even think about buying this.

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